Thursday, August 26, 2010

Work Appropriate Fauxnadicure

So, about a week ago my mother (who has way nice nails than me, where did the genetics go wrong?) decided she wanted me to do a teeny 'nadicure on her. She swore not to wearing a boring color like pink or red, but being a school principal wanted something slightly demure. Although she said she'd go for one of the blues and greens I'm always wearing, she shied away from all of the ones I showed her.

So, finally we settled for a Forever 21 brand - Love & Beauty seems to be the brand's official name - that I had completely wrecked with nail polish remover. Oh, very blasphemous, I know but there had been no thinner on hand and I had desperately wanted to try. Desperate times call for desperate measures?

This particular blue-toned cement grey is called "Blue." Very eloquent, indeed.

And you get a crapberry pic, yay!

This was about 3 coats of polish, with no base coat, none of the basic manicure essentials really. Stamped over it using the only current Essence plate with a Hot Topic black polish and one thin coat of Seche Vite. The old one, it seems there are 4 more square plates being released, but nothing on their official website yet.

This manicure held up pretty well actually, went an entire week with no chips. I'm finding it hard to credit the wear-time to Love&Beauty, maybe it was the Vite?

Anyways, tomorrow I have a denim-inspired fauxnadicure that I've been itching to wear. Till next time!


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