Monday, August 9, 2010

Testing... One, two, testing... ahem.

Hello hello!

Nobody every really sees the first post of a blog, but it just seems wrong to jump in without a leetle intro.

So, basically, the idea behind my blog is to archive all of the manicures (that is to say, fauxnadicures) I make with my bundlemonster plates. And since I don't own any thing but the bundlemonster package, you get the bundlemonster exclusive. I can rarely keep anything on for more than two days, so I hope to update a lottt.

And, since some of you may not own/know about these plates, heres a summarized review.

1.) These plates arrive with plastic covering and are without paper-backing, unlike konad plates. The edges are supposedly super sharp, though I've never done anything worse than splitting a little skin while peeling off the plastic.

2.) There are 21 plates which include full nail designs, french tip designs, and miscellaneous designs. All 21 plates cost $17.99. I believe you can order them via the bundlemonster website or amazon. You can click here to view or purchase them.

3.) Now about quality and such... almost every review talks about how small the full nail designs are, and they are. I find that I need to double stamp on almost every finger save for the pinky finger, but it all depends on the alignment. Some designs are a little blobbicle, and some are so indistinguishable they're not worth using. But its a ridiculously great deal, and if you're into stamping, its a must have.

And that's pretty much all that you need to know if you haven't purchased them yet. So, in the future you can look forward to a proper layout and fauxnadicures galore. Till next time!


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