Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five Manicures and a Proposition

Ohhh, bad blogger. Very bad blogger. Its disappointing, I meant to do better than this.

Sorry you guys. :c Pity because two weeks ago I was all "Followers! Comments! OMG!" and now I just failll. I'll do better, I promise. I HAVE been busy, with exams. Why, exams, this time of year?! Yes. Yes, this time of year. It sucks.

I have so-o-o-o much to talk to you guys about today. Do read on (or just skip to the very end), not just for the pictures.  But, y'know, those too. ;)

Sooo, some of my friends came over... a week ago? Two weeks ago? And we had a teeny manicure party.

And this is Ayesha. She's wearing one coat of SOPI's Mermaid to Order.

And then two coats.

And used the er... um, uh, well, I don't know what this design is called. I see it everywhere. So urban. I think there are Vans like this. Suits Ayesha well since she's always wearing Vans. Its BM 19.

This is Amara. She went for a Hot Topic black. (She has such pretty natural nails!)

Which was actually pretty glossy without a topcoat.

Stamped with a Revlon gold chrome in BM 20.

I did do two other manicures... on Sabina and Sarah, except Bean's was a really big fail and I didn't get a good picture for Sarah's. I AM doing Bean's (Sabina's) nails tomorrow, but more about that in a bit.

What a crappy color. I can't even bear to look at it. Its a Love & Beauty (Forever 21) matte teal, and its nasty.

Well... hello there. Isn't that hot? It looks so hot. I almost made out with my nails. I might just marry Seche Vite one day.

Stamped with a Maybelline Express Finish silver, BM 11. Very hot, I liked this one so much.

Quick fail picture, right before removal. SOPI's Leaf him at the altar, stamped with Orly's Lemonade. This is BM 11.

Yesterday's uber-tacky fauxnadicure, in Rumba Romance stamped with BM 21.

I did get a lot of compliments though.

Alright then. Now down to business - I'm thinking of starting a collaboration kinda thing with some other stamping/nail art blogs called The 21 Plate Project. The idea is every blogger works their way up from BM1 to BM21, weekly, using just that one plate and no other. I think it would be a pretty cool way to figure out how to use your designs differently - I tried out a sample manicure with BM 1 the other day and already the ideas are just flooding in. And this would be with several other blogs, so you could see people's different take on a certain plate.

One of the other reasons I want to do this is because I find myself primarily using full nail designs and there are some plates that I feel a lot of people would never get around to using, or wouldn't use that often. What do you guys think? Does it sound cool? Is it something you'd wanna see? Lemme knowww.

Okay, and secondly, one of the other reasons I've been busy lately is because I've been preparing for a Model United Nations (MUN). Which is basically a debating tournament, but its my first MUN tournament. So I'm really hoping to have a really cool manicure. And with an MUN, you're assigned a country, and mine is the USA (ha!) because our school is reputable for having a great team and the US is a top dog in world politics. So I'm thinking - American flag nails? Or is that too tacky? What about something neutral and sophisticated but bold, like something a real US representative would wear to a committee meeting? Me and Sabina are both doing it, so and she's Iran, so she obviously can't do Iranian flag nails, its not very well known. So what should she go for? What would YOU go for? You tell me, more comments. :3

So, this has been a pretty long post, I'll have a shorter, sweeter one tomorrow (or, actually... I'll be doing the manicures tomorrow, so maybe the day after instead. ) Can't wait to see what you guys think!


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